Do you have any questions about the products of our catalog, the processing of your orders or on our brand ? Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • What does MATHYDY mean ?
    MATHYDY comes from the combination of the names Mathy and Idy, the founders of the brand.
  • What can I purchase from Mathydy ?
    We sell luxury watches, handbags and jewelry.
  • What material are MATHYDY watches made of ?
    All of our watches are made of stainless steel, and the straps are made of genuine leather.
  • Where to buy a Mathydy watch ?
    Our watches are available on our website as well as in all our points of sales in Dakar : Dakar Sea plaza showroom : +221 78 102 58 58. Mermoz Showroom : +221 78 102 56 56. Capture Zone Showroom : +221 77 739 73 41.
  • What are the geographical areas in which you deliver ?
    We deliver anywhere in the world. From 3 to 5 working days. If you are in Dakar delivery is the same day.
  • How to pay my order ?
    - You can pay using a Visa or Mastercard credit card and PayPal. - If you are in Senegal, you have the option of paying by mobile money payment (orange money, free money, etc.) or cash on delivery.
  • How to exchange or return my watch ?
    In the event of a dispute requiring the return or exchange of the product, this must be done within 48 hours. NB : Return costs are the responsibility of the customer
  • How long does my warranty last ?
    For any purchase of a Mathydy product, you are entitled to a 2-year warranty.
  • What does the warranty cover ? And for how long ?
    - Your warranty grants you a free replacement or repair, in accordance with the general conditions of use to be consulted here - The case, dial, hands, glass, watch band and other components of the watch can be replaced, as well as the battery during the warranty period.
  • What does my warranty not cover ?
    - The warranty does not cover damage resulting from carelessness, misuse or improper use that leads to scratches, bumps, dents or a broken glass. - Failure or damage experienced by the repair or modification carried out by a third party without prior authorization from MATHYDY - Failure or damage experienced by fire or water. - Any aesthetic change that appears during normal wear or aging (alteration of the color or / and chipping of the plating of the case or / and the bracelet, scratches on the case and / or the glass, etc.)
  • How to contact our Customer Service ?
    - For all your orders inquiries, information request, or collaboration needs, you can contact us through the following channels: - Customer service : +221 78 102 59 59.
  • I can't connect to my account on, What can I do ?
    If you have issue to connect on our website, first empty yours web browser's cach and if you still experience issues please contact us on our social media channels, by email at or via Whatsapp.
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